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Physical Gaming Cards:  The Best Gift Card Vouchers that You Should Know

2018.Oct.9 Gaming Cards

Many people of all ages are into online gaming. More often than not, these people spend a lot of money for their game characters. Thus, they buy several game cards to buy new skins, accessories, lives, and sometimes new characters.

It is no wonder, then, that many companies have been giving game cards as vouchers. They believe that the population of online gamers has grown exponentially throughout the years. With the plastic vouchers, they can at least save a couple of dollars or add more money for the accessories that they would always want to buy.

Here are some of the plastic cards that are often given or sold as gift cards by many companies. CardLogic would be the best option to print these plastic cards.

iTunes Gift Card

Some corporate companies would usually giveaway iTunes Gift Cards as part of their consolation prizes. if you happen to be an Apple user, you can use these gift cards for online games, books, and movies. These gift cards are available in a different denomination. You can use this card on any Apple Devices.

Google Play Gift Card

If you happen to be an Android user, worry not. Google also has their own gift card. The Google Play Gift card is available in digital and physical cards. You can use this card on games under Google Play Store. You can also use this to purchase movies and books and to pay for premium apps.

Steam Cards

For people into Steam games, you can also participate in several events in Steam to get the chance to receive Steam cards as gift vouchers. if you plan to join in their giveaways, make sure that you follow their terms and conditions. In that way, you will know if you are eligible for the giveaway or not.

Battle.net Gift Cards

Aside from Steam, Blizzard is one of the gaming companies that also do giveaways. The company usually have holiday giveaways to attract more people to buy and play games on their website. You can use these cards on Overwatch, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and other Blizzard games. You can buy skins, pets, downloadable contents (DLCs), and many more.

League of Legends Gift Card

League of Legend is another game that is well loved by many players all over the world. It is no wonder that many companies and gaming events also give away League of Legend Gift Cards as one of their gift vouchers.  With the popularity of this game all over the world, it is no wonder that many gamers will consider this one as a must-have!

Runescape Prepaid Card

If you happen to be a big fan of Runescape, you can also avail of their Runescape Prepaid Card. The prepaid card is available in many gaming stores worldwide. Runescape players also do their own events and use this prepaid card as part of the prices for the players who have participated in the said events.

Minecraft Gift Cards

Unlike other game cards, Minecraft game cards are used to purchase the premium version of the game. This is a perfect giveaway for gamers who are into survival games. You can mine, craft, and play a multiplayer version of this game.

These are just some of the gift cards that are often given as gift vouchers.  If you happen to have friends who are gamers, these gift vouchers are also a perfect present. Just make sure that you purchase the right card for them!

Digital CBD in Gaming: Why We Should It?

2018.Oct.1 Digital CBD

Whenever we play games, we often feel the frustration and emotional stress caused by unfinished levels, wrong decisions, and moves which led to your downfall. Constant loses in games can lead to anger management issues. Luckily, we have CBD oils and other CBD products, like Digital CBD that can help you calm down whenever you feel angry. CBD oil can help ease anxiety, stress, and emotional distress.

CBD has several uses and is proven effective for treating disorders and other physical pains. CBD is also often used as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Aside from that, it has been widely used as a cure for several mental disorders like psychosis and anxiety. It stabilizes your emotions; CBD oil can help in anger management therapies. The best thing about this medicine is that it does not have that kind of high that is caused by most marijuana medicines. It contains a small amount of THC that is enough to help trigger hormones and balances them, when necessary.

CBD is not only limited to CBD oils, tinctures, and tablets. Several innovators have decided to create Digital CBD for people who are looking for a zero-THC cannabidiol.


Digital CBD is a one-of-a-kind program that uses vibrations and digital media. It broadcasts an amplified energetic signature of CBD with the use of your mobile device. Makers often refer to this as an amplified digital homoeopathy.

To use this product, you only have to open the Digital CBD file where energies are encrypted. It will slowly transmit energy of CBD oil through your mobile files. You can choose any media files like audio, video clips, and pictures. One of the best things about this product is that it is cheaper compared to other CBD products.

And, unlike other CBD products, you do not have to purchase more of it once it runs out. Upon purchase, you will receive the complete set of the digital media encrypted with CBD oil energy signatures which you can use over and over again. You can even use it whenever and wherever you go.  

How does it work?

The Digital CBD follows the wave-particle duality principle. It allows digital CBD to extract the information and wave-like properties of the physical CBD. The makers encode these wave-like properties into the digital media which is amplified two times more than the physical CBD products. It uses vibration to release the amplified data with the use of electronic devices like laptops, personal computers, iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices

Benefits of Digital CBD in Gaming

Aside from the fact that it is cheaper, it can also promote better body balance. The digital format can help ease your mind and slowly eases your body as well. It helps you control your emotions better, especially when you are playing. It keeps your focus and helps you create the best decisions and moves for your game. With the help of this technology, you can also sleep better and experience a reduction in your anxiety whenever you engage with other players.

Digital CBD is indeed a great product that one should invest on. It does not have the usual high-effect that is brought upon by other drugs. If you wish to avail of this product, you can just visit the nearest marijuana store near you. Better yet, ask a recommendation from people with the best experience and knowledge on CBD oil, Digital CBD, and other CBD products.

2017.Jan.28 - Started working on a game to trade csgo skins with your friends based on skill level. You can compete with them on a ground level and work your way up by completing challenges. I want to be able to request match ups live so users will need to be online to challenge you.

2008.Feb.8 - Hey everyone! It's been awhile huh? Some good news and bad news. Good news is that I will be finishing Blind Love and Foxtaile. Bad news is that after that, this site will remain static and I will focus on my other sites.

I'm aiming to finish Blind Love by the end of March in time for NaNoRenO 2008. Be sure to check back here or at the Lemmasoft forums for the release. Foxtaile will be resumed afterwards and a demo will hopefully be released by the end of May. Also, look forward to upgraded releases to Amgine Park and GSK which will fix any save file or other problem you may have had. Till then, you can catch me at my new blog, rioka's ramblings. I hope to see you there! :)

Blind Love

Synopsis: Blinded by a tragic accident and faced with years of physical therapy, Kyle is finally getting his vision back. The question is, will he like what he sees when he finally opens his eyes?

Expected Release Date: Late March, Early April 2008
Credits: Rio, JestaAriadne (music), made with Ren'Py
Rating: Everyone
Playtime: TBA
Hardware Requirements: TBA
Platform: Windows, Unix, Mac

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