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Background Checking Romance Video Games

2019.Jan.08 Video-Games

There are various games available for purchase in application stores. As consumers, we are privileged to choose the kind of genre we wish to play. While there are players who prefer to stick to a single genre, here are also others who love exploring different genres.

While there are several action genres to choose from, there are also romance video games available for those who wish to play a light game or those who wish to virtually experience romance with their created characters. From RPG to simulation games – you sure do have several options to consider!

Although romance can be light in contrast to other genres filled with violence and complex storyline, we must still do background checks since it is quite difficult to monitor the players who are actually playing the game. Here are some of the things to be considered when playing romance games:

It Should Not Be Overly Sexual

While some producers may want to fully expose their potential in making an attractive romance game, they must also take into consideration the possibility of the minor group playing their game. Thus, they must not overdo the heavily romantic scenes as they can highly influence the youngsters. If this situation is inevitable, they might as well give restrictions on the cover.

Knowing that children are curious by nature, they might engage themselves in such games, believing that it is okay as what is portrayed in the game. That is why you, as parents or adults, must do some intensive research before allowing your child to play such games.

There Should Be Warning Signs On The Cover For Maturity

There may be cutesy romantic video games available for everyone, but there are also mature games intended for young adults and adults. In order for the consumers to be guided, there should be labels stating the suitable ages for such games. It should be visible enough for the parents of these minor players to see and assess whether their children are viable to play the game or not.

Check For Game Compatibility

Of course, this is primarily a must for every interested buyer out there! Although it is an interesting game, it may not be compatible with the console you have at home. Always check the label on the cover to know whether you can play with it or not.

Most of the games out there are compatible with almost all of the latest consoles in stores. If you have the old consoles, better settle for older games compatible with what you have so as not to waste your money over nothing.

Now that you have done background checks on the romance video games that caught your interest, perhaps you should start searching for games that would truly make your money worth it! There are several games available for you to choose from, whether online or in physical stores. All you have to do is to make sure that you have enough budget to purchase them.

How Can Video Game Currencies Affect the Real World?

2018.Dec.11 Video Game Currencies Affect the Real World

The real world’s economy is difficult to understand, and with the emergence of the virtual world economy, both economies have stumbled into one complete problem. One of the reasons for inflation can be traced with online video games. Most of their creators developed games that use rs3 price and in-game currency. This allows a player to purchase anything from the game using the given coins. When the time comes that players need more coins, the option to buy it using real money comes next.

Video game currencies largely affect the economy of the real world. The competition between cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin and fiat money such as dollar and euro is crucial. According to research, cryptocurrencies are anonymous. Thus, taxing it is uncertain.

Virtual Economy of Video Games

Virtual economy points trace directly to video games. Most people tend to play video games for recreational reasons. However, some people play to make a profit out of it. According to Blizzard, the game World of Warcraft has a 10 million registered users and almost half of the numbers are from Asia. While most players use the earn coins or golds to purchase from the game, China has found its way to make money from it. Players can have the option to buy extra coins or golds using real money through online websites like eBay.

The Effect to Real-World Economy

Because cryptocurrencies do not tie up from the real economy, its trace is anonymous. For example, every time you buy something from the supermarket, you are taxed. Tax is the framework of the government. Without it, the economy will fall down. The increase of demand in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin impairs the government’s taxation. Plus, the high demand for it comes from playing video games which require a huge investment of time and money.

Crypto Currencies as a Substitute

The world depends on the use of dollar, euro, yen, or peso. Today, there are stores and restaurants that already accept Bitcoin as a substitute for real money. Bitcoin’s transactions are completely anonymous. Therefore, sales tax will not go through, thus affecting the economy. Without a tax, the economy will submerge.

The Emergence of Black Market

Although some of the games forbid the sales of video game currencies, especially developed black markets for Clash of Clans and World of Tanks that emerged for one purpose—buy and sell video game currencies and make a profit.

Learned Economic Aspect from Video Games

It can’t be denied that video games are a large business. And, just like the real world, everything has a reward. Hard earned golds from the game helps you in making decisions whether to trade it into something or not. In the real world, it is always important to make good decisions when it comes to financial concern to avoid economic problems in the future.

The virtual economy is also considered a synthetic economy. Millions of player around the world trade goods and services in exchange for money. Everything that revolves around it is real, despite the fact that it exists in a man-made virtual world.

Recycling Games for Both Kids and Adults

2018.Nov.21 Recycling-Games

Recycling games are a great way for both adults and children to learn while helping the environment. They are also a great way to bond and simply have fun. Instead of relying on dumpster rental Stockton CA, people can get to become more independent when it comes to their waste management pursuits and engage their kids in taking parts as well by promoting the meaningful and engaging games. 

Playing a Recycling Games

 There are various kinds of recycling games found online. However, most of these games found online are not free. Some of those games that are free, however, can easily be printed out and distributed in classes which can greatly assist students in understanding the term recycling.

Fun online games for recycling lessons

  • Environmental protection Agency Game (EPA)

With this game, the player acts as the city manager of a dump town. The game features a city which is very much polluted and littered. There is also a landfill, but at the beginning of the game, one cannot trace any recycling programmes or a landfill in these towns. The player is expected to start environmental-friendly programs wherein he has to make the town members involved. When one comes up with a programme, it changes the town, and one can see this on his screen. The player must also ensure that he manages the town’s budget effectively. This is a great game to test your management and problem-solving skills while realizing that any effort towards helping the environment can really go a long way.

  • National Geographic Recycle Roundup

This is one of the best games when teaching your child about recycling at home. The online game features a Gus who can be explained as a large gorilla clothed in a superhero outfit and a cape. The mission of the player is to help Gus in cleaning the park by making a decision on which bins he should use. Thus, some items will be trash while others will be due for recycle and the rest will be thrown in the compost bin. Different items can be recycled or composted. The park seems to be littered with all kinds of refuse. In this game, your score is based on the items you managed to recycle effectively. The game is also timed; thus, you need to recycle the items within the given timeframe.

  • Action for game

This website has two online flash games named clean up and recycle. It also offers a book by the same title. In this book, 15 children from different counties are recorded showing how they solved a certain environment issue in their towns and country.

  • Recycle Guys.

This website is supported by the North Carolina Division of pollution prevention and environmental assistance. It provides a set of online questions, PDF activity book, and PDF bingo boards.

Beyond the Games

These games are fun for both adults and children. The main agenda is to promote behavioural changes. If a child comes from a place where recycling is not commonly done, exposure to this kind of game helps him become more vigilant when it comes to environmental issues. Such games do not only promote recycling awareness but also help people become more engaged and attentive to the needs of their society.

Addicting Food Games to Download for Gamer Couples

2018.Nov.17 Date-in-Grand-Theft-Auto-San-Andreas

Grand Theft Auto on PC has a very unique dating system.  This guide will help you achieve dating success.

Familiarize the Dating System

Most of the time, you’ll have to complete a challenge before you’ll be given a chance to date them.  You can date all 6 women namely:

Denise – She doesn’t have a prerequisite.  You just need to complete the “Burning Desire” request to start dating her.

Helena – You need to have a muscle percentage of 15 to 20, low fat (under 5 percent), and you need to complete the “The Green Sabre” mission.

Michelle – She prefers men with more than 50 percent fat and a high sex appeal of 91 percent or more.

Katie – You need to have a near maximum sex appeal and a high muscle rating (50 percent or more) before you can date her.

Millie – Like Denise, she also doesn’t have any physical requirements.  You just need to complete the “Key to Her Heart” quest.

Barbara – Your character needs to have at least 50 percent fat and a high sex appeal rating.

Be Mindful of your Progress Meter

In شفرات جاتا سان اندرس Your “Progress Meter” will increase with every successful date. If the meter reaches 50 percent, you can unlock a limited perk to the current woman you’re dating.  You will receive yet another perk once you reach the 100 percent mark.

Your meter will decline if your date goes bad, or if you abandon or hurt the woman.  Leaving her geographical area will also decrease your “Progress Meter”.  Coming back and not dating her will also have the same negative results.

Know each Woman’s Preferences

Each woman (like in real life) has their own favorite restaurant, preferred driving speed, or type of neighborhood they want to live in. Your date will be successful if you follow her preferences. If you stop dating your woman, you will lose all progress with her.

Dating All Women Together

You can be successful with all 6 women if you adhere to the preferences of each woman.  They will suggest to you the type of date that they like.  It can be either dancing, dining, or driving.  You need to know their preferred location for you to have a successful date.

Jealous Girlfriend

Jealousy occurs when you simultaneously date multiple women and fail to take them out, or when you become selective in dating them.  Once a woman gets jealous, they will never show up again.

Girlfriend Requirements

The other non-story girls you can date have specific body type requirements.  If you want to impress them, you need to do some changing in your characteristics like increasing or decreasing fat, muscle, or sex appeal.


You can gain weight by eating at a fast food restaurant like Cluckin’ Bell, and then not exercise for a number of days in a week.  On the other hand, you can lose fat by exercising and not eating for a number of days in a row.


To gain muscle, you can lift weights for a 1 percent increase with each repetition, or you can hop on the treadmill for a 1 percent increase per 13 seconds.  In contrast, you can lose muscle if you don’t eat and exercise for a number of days in a week.

Sex Appeal

This depends on how expensive your clothes are.  Car appearance, muscle percentage, and tattoos can help as well.

Addicting Food Games to Download for Gamer Couples

2018.Oct.11 Addicting-Food-Games

Are you one of the gamer couples? What genres do you like most to play? Apparently, one of the mobile games that have been downloaded mostly is that with the food games. The excitement that you can get from playing it is just extraordinary. Depending on the game of your choice, you can be acquainted with more fruits, veggies, and recipes as you play these games. With this, you are also increasing your knowledge about the superfoods that you can try for a healthier body and mind. These games provide a review: SuperBeets (Is it Really a Superfood?) and help us to choose the best.

As a gamer couple, you will have more time to bond and spend time with each other when you play a game together. Aside from enhancing your teamwork, you will also have the opportunity to get to know each other more. But, you don’t actually want to waste your time fighting over what food games to play. In fact, here is a list of the most addicting food games to download for gamer couples, just like you.

Fruit Ninja

This has been present in both iTunes and Play Store for years already. If you have not tried this yet, you might want to get it now. It has a super exciting feeling of being the fruit ninja yourself as you do some techniques to get passed a level.

You can actually play this game as a couple. Each of you would have a smartphone with this game and challenge each other to have a high score. Also, you can do some tricks, like playing together in one smartphone and get a high score for your combined forces.

Street Food Tycoon

Street Food Tycoon gives you the real world feeling of being an entrepreneur yourself. Just like in reality, you will need to have your capital investment in order to start your business. Apparently, this game offers you a lot of choices – a bank loan, help from parents, pawn shops, and even a cooperative plan.

As a couple, you can play this together. You can help each other as to the decision making of the business and how you can manage to cater well to the demands of your customers.

Taco Master

This game offers you some challenges – cater the cravings for your customers and not feeling hungry yourself. At the beginning of the game, which means some easy levels for you, tortillas and meat are the things that you will be working with. But as the levels increase, you will get into a busier taco joint with trickier orders from your customers.

Taco Master is one of the best games for couples because it challenges your patience and your dedication to get the orders done. It is exciting to play as it tests how your partner may be reacting to the pressures of taco making.

These are the best addicting food games to download for gamer couples. You surely wouldn’t get bored with all the excitement steaming, although you may get hungry. So, grab your smartphone now and start having fun!

Choosing a Ceiling Fan Type for Your Game Room

2018.Nov.08 Ceiling-Fan-for-gaming-room

When in a game room, competition can get fierce and you might need to cool down a little bit. The right ceiling fan will keep things cool so that you can concentrate on winning the game. However, there are some things that should be put into consideration when choosing a ceiling fan.

In this article, we look at some factors to consider when selecting a ceiling fan for your game room. If you are recently planning to buy a ceiling fan for your gaming room, you can find out more at SPIN’s website before making the final decision.

Ceiling Fan Type

Ceiling fans come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors to match any room’s décor. The main ceiling fan styles include contemporary, transitional, traditional and palm leaf blades. Depending on the décor and look of your game room, you can easily find a ceiling fan that would pair up well.

Size of Your Room

Ceiling fans come in different sizes to fit small rooms, standard rooms and large rooms. You need to choose the right size of fan depending on the size of your game room. If the fan is too small, it is unlikely to move air efficiently, and if it’s too big, the fan will move too much air like that of a wind tunnel.

There are various recommendations for ceiling fan blade span based on the square feet measurements of the room.

  • Ceiling fans measured 29” to 36” would be appropriate for smaller game rooms of up to 100 square feet or smaller.
  • Ceiling fans measured 38” to 42” are ideal for game rooms of 101-144 square feet.
  • Ceiling fans measured 44” to 46” are for game rooms of up to 142-225 square feet.
  • Ceiling fans measured 48” to 54” would be appropriate for rooms sized 226-399 square feet.
  • For game rooms that are larger than 400 square feet, the recommended ceiling fan ranges from 56” to 60”.

Ceiling Height

You may want to consider the height of the ceiling. Having a ceiling fan that is too high or low can affect its efficiency and will also consume more power. If your game room has a tall ceiling, you may need to use multiple fans in order to circulate air more effectively.

For low ceilings of less than 8-feet tall, a hugger or flush-mount ceiling fan is recommended.

For standard height ceilings of about 8 to 9-feet tall, you can choose a standard 3-5 inch long downrod. This pipe connects the ceiling fan to the ceiling mounting of the fan.

For high ceiling rooms, longer downrods would be appropriate in order to bring the fan closer to the correct hanging length. However, very long downrods can make the ceiling fan wobble. Hence, you can opt to go with multiple ceiling fans if the game room ceiling is extremely high.

Ceiling Fan Blade

The size, number and blade pitch of the fan blades are vital as they will determine the performance and efficiency of the fan. A fan with longer blades usually creates more airflow than one with smaller blades. The number of blades on your ceiling fan will make it look interesting. However, there is no appropriate number of blades for a ceiling fan.

When it comes to the angle of the blades, American Lighting Association suggests 12 to 15-degree pitch for the best air movement. The angle at which the blades of the ceiling fan are arranged will affect how much air will circulate in the game room.

Ceiling Fan Quality

This one goes without saying. Unlike a poor-quality fan, a high-quality ceiling fan will circulate as much air as is needed at a given RPM and will not wobble. High-quality fans also have motors with more power, and this allows for a great blade pitch.

On the other hand, cheap fans do not boast of powerful motors that can handle the air resistance of a greater blade pitch. Hence, the manufacturer has to lower the blade pitch so it does not burn out the motor. Another advantage of quality ceiling fans is that they do not produce humming noise like cheap fans do.

Ceiling fans are great additions that can keep you cool even when playing games. There are different styles of ceiling fans that you can choose from to complement your game room. But to enjoy maximum comfort, you need to consider the size of your room, ceiling height, ceiling fan blade and quality.

5 Essential Tips for Marketing an Indie Game

2018.Nov.07 Marketing an Indie Game

If you’re an indie game developer, you have to keep in mind that most indie games aren’t profitable and end up being a failure. In fact, there are plenty of great games being released all the time; unfortunately, simply making great games isn’t enough to make sales.

That said, in order to successfully promote your indie game and make money out of it, here are the following essential tips you should consider:

Develop a Noteworthy Trailer to Hype People Up

A trailer is without any doubt your best asset when it comes to sparking the interest of the crowd in your work. It’s the only content where you can include sleek animations, detailed images, immersive music, and a strong call-to-action all in a single place. It’s even way stronger in the sense that you can convey all of the information you want to share with your target audience in just a minute or two.

Create a Website for Your New Game

To properly promote your new indie game, companies like PracticeBloom dedicate an entire website for the launch of the new game, or at least a page on their company’s website. This will serve as an avenue where you can showcase your game as well as your company and any other updates related to the progress of your game.

Also, you want to include screenshots while making them as visually appealing as much as possible. Don’t forget to update it on a regular basis so you can keep your audience updated.

Update Your Blog Regularly

Don’t forget to always keep your audience informed and updated on the progress of your game. You can do this by creating a blog dedicated to your game’s updates and updating it regularly. By means of blogging and updating your progress, you can show your audience that your game is currently in the works.

Gain Publicity via Online Marketing

One of the most effective means to promote your indie game is via online marketing, specifically SEO marketing. By promoting your game’s website using SEO, you can gain an increased visibility on the search engines, thus helping you get organic traffic from people who look for games using search engines.

However, this might require a bit of an investment, time, and patience before you can start getting results. It’s recommended to at least set a certain budget and to fully develop your game before you even take this action.

Make Sure to Properly Optimize your Game’s Landing Page

This way, you can have a higher chance of converting your visitors into players. After all, your landing page is pretty much similar to your store page on Steam. It serves as a powerful marketing asset which will help with your conversion rate. In fact, most game studios even create a landing page featuring a Preorder or Buy Now button located somewhere on the page.

That said, marketing your game, especially if you’re an indie game developer, can become quite scary at times. However, with the right planning and course of action, you can eventually gain publicity for your game.

How Gamers Can Keep Their Instagram Accounts Safe from Hackers

2018.Nov.06 Instagram Accounts Safe

Instagram is a great platform for businesses and average users, including gamers. Furthermore, it facilitates the discovery of great content from the global online community. Gamers love Instagram as they can regularly get in touch with other like-minded gaming enthusiasts on the web. However, since some individuals with ulterior motives might try to pry valuable private data from Instagram accounts, it is wise to safeguard the account.

According to a report from NYTimes, cybercriminals deploy social media bots to steal user identities for use in other criminal ventures. This is contrary to the assumption that social media provides as safe space where one mingles with friends and loved ones. This makes it critical for Instagram accounts to be secured against these security breaches and other violations of online privacy. Instagram account security issues can really be inevitable. Just be careful when it comes to divulging your personal information. For example, it is unnecessary for private people to use their official names and expose their place of residence, location, and workplace on social media.

The measures that this article proposes are meant to assure Instagram users of security and give tips on how to deter any Instagram password hacker from gaining access to your private data. Detailed procedures are provided that will ensure that an Instagram user, particularly the gamers out there, does not fall prey to hackers.

Make Instagram private

You have the option of turning your profile private if you are not comfortable with strangers observing photos of your game-related posts and other cherished moments. In this configuration, the content is only available to users you approve including close friends and family members. To achieve this, navigate to the profile window, press the three dots on the right edge, and activate the private account setting.

Block unknown followers

Adjusting your account into a private state, however, does not guarantee total security as there could be suspicious followers that could still view your content. To remedy this situation, you can block these people by tapping on them on the follower list and blocking them by navigating to the top right menu button and selecting the block user choice.

Let your profile data remain private

Overexposing details about your private life in your profile information section and particularly in the edit profile region leaves you vulnerable to stalkers. They say that most gamers are particularly private people, and so you probably don’t like too many people knowing too much about you. It is not recommended to state private information that might be utilized by cybercriminals to breach your security. As an added precaution, hide your activity status by navigating to the menu, moving down, and switching off the Show Activity Status button.

Hide your location

Hiding your location is an important preventative measure that prevents criminals from knowing when to break into your private residence after confirming your location. Moreover, it prevents identity theft and secures your account authorizations. The location services can be turned off on your phone privacy settings. Alternatively, existing photo check-ins can be removed on the options menu of the photo.

Overall, you should not be too worried as there really are a lot of ways to make your Instagram account extra secure. Just check them out and enjoy safer browsing online.

Top Romance Audiobooks for Your Winter Nights

2018.Oct.17 Top Romance Audiobooks

If you enjoy listening to romantic audiobooks on a cold winter night while enjoying a refreshing drink, the following audiobooks are meant for you. You can put on your favorite and trusty classical music headphone, sit back by the fire, and relax as you listen to these tales of romance and love.

Unraveled (The Steel Brothers Saga Book 9)  – by Helen Hardt

The story is narrated by Lucy Rivers and Aiden Snow. It is the ninth installment of the Steel brothers romantic series and is accessible on Amazon. The main character in the book is Ryan who is the youngest of the Steel brothers. The events in this book are a continuation of the story in the eighth book in the series. In the book, Ryan is currently romantically involved with Ruby Lee, the daughter of one of the tormentors of his brother Talon. The tale continues to reveal how Ryan and his family seek vengeance against the men who previously assaulted his brother.

Wanderlust – by Lauren Blakely

Wanderlust is a romantic story that is set in the city of Paris. Grace Grant and Richard Armitage perform the narration of this story about a young American lady named Joy. She is an intelligent, confident and independent-minded chemist who moves to Paris to further her career in chemistry. She remains optimistic that her life will be full of adventure and pleasure although she is not fluent as a French speaker. She later encounters a British man and develops an attraction for him. However, the prospect of a romantic affair is complicated when Joy realizes that the Englishman is her colleague at work. The audiobook can be obtained from Amazon.

How to Date Your Dragon – by Molly Harper

Narrated by Jonathan Davis and Amanda Ronconi, How to Date Your Dragon is a funny tale that is set in a land of fantasy where supernatural beings coexist with human beings. Jillian is an anthropologist who heads to Louisiana to conduct a field study at the behest of the League for Interspecies Cooperation. The emergence of mythical creatures into modern society as a result of modern technology necessitates this study. Therefore, Jillian ventures into the mysterious town of Mystic Bayou to conduct her study. The audiobook can be obtained from Amazon.

Silent Threat – by Dana Marton

This romantic tale details the exploits of a Navy Seal veteran Cole Hunter. The injured Cole returns home from war with impaired hearing and a damaged arm. He later finds love in a Pennsylvania veteran rehabilitation facility. The audiobook can be obtained from Amazon.

Incognita: Fairchild Regency Romance Book 2 – by Jaima Fixsen

This is a story of a war hero and a troubled widow who cross paths.  Alistair was jilted at the altar.  By chance, he meets a young widow and mistakes her for a woman of easy virtue.  Alistair tracks her down and finds love in the process. This is a wonderful story which can entrance you from the start.

These audiobooks will kindle the sleeping romantic in you.  They make for a relaxing and easy read on a cold winter’s night.  They can also be shared by having your family and friends sit with you as you play it for everyone to listen to and enjoy.

Physical Gaming Cards:  The Best Gift Card Vouchers that You Should Know

2018.Oct.9 Gaming Cards

Many people of all ages are into online gaming. More often than not, these people spend a lot of money for their game characters. Thus, they buy several game cards to buy new skins, accessories, lives, and sometimes new characters.

It is no wonder, then, that many companies have been giving game cards as vouchers. They believe that the population of online gamers has grown exponentially throughout the years. With the plastic vouchers, they can at least save a couple of dollars or add more money for the accessories that they would always want to buy.

Here are some of the plastic cards that are often given or sold as gift cards by many companies. CardLogic would be the best option to print these plastic cards.

iTunes Gift Card

Some corporate companies would usually giveaway iTunes Gift Cards as part of their consolation prizes. if you happen to be an Apple user, you can use these gift cards for online games, books, and movies. These gift cards are available in a different denomination. You can use this card on any Apple Devices.

Google Play Gift Card

If you happen to be an Android user, worry not. Google also has their own gift card. The Google Play Gift card is available in digital and physical cards. You can use this card on games under Google Play Store. You can also use this to purchase movies and books and to pay for premium apps.

Steam Cards

For people into Steam games, you can also participate in several events in Steam to get the chance to receive Steam cards as gift vouchers. if you plan to join in their giveaways, make sure that you follow their terms and conditions. In that way, you will know if you are eligible for the giveaway or not.

Battle.net Gift Cards

Aside from Steam, Blizzard is one of the gaming companies that also do giveaways. The company usually have holiday giveaways to attract more people to buy and play games on their website. You can use these cards on Overwatch, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and other Blizzard games. You can buy skins, pets, downloadable contents (DLCs), and many more.

League of Legends Gift Card

League of Legend is another game that is well loved by many players all over the world. It is no wonder that many companies and gaming events also give away League of Legend Gift Cards as one of their gift vouchers.  With the popularity of this game all over the world, it is no wonder that many gamers will consider this one as a must-have!

Runescape Prepaid Card

If you happen to be a big fan of Runescape, you can also avail of their Runescape Prepaid Card. The prepaid card is available in many gaming stores worldwide. Runescape players also do their own events and use this prepaid card as part of the prices for the players who have participated in the said events.

Minecraft Gift Cards

Unlike other game cards, Minecraft game cards are used to purchase the premium version of the game. This is a perfect giveaway for gamers who are into survival games. You can mine, craft, and play a multiplayer version of this game.

These are just some of the gift cards that are often given as gift vouchers.  If you happen to have friends who are gamers, these gift vouchers are also a perfect present. Just make sure that you purchase the right card for them!

Digital CBD in Gaming: Why shouldn't we have it?

2018.Oct.1 Digital CBD

Whenever we play games, we often feel the frustration and emotional stress caused by unfinished levels, wrong decisions, and moves which led to your downfall. Constant loses in games can lead to anger management issues. Luckily, we have CBD oils and other CBD products, like Digital CBD that can help you calm down whenever you feel angry. CBD oil can help ease anxiety, stress, and emotional distress.

CBD has several uses and is proven effective for treating disorders and other physical pains. CBD is also often used as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Aside from that, it has been widely used as a cure for several mental disorders like psychosis and anxiety. It stabilizes your emotions; CBD oil can help in anger management therapies. The best thing about this medicine is that it does not have that kind of high that is caused by most marijuana medicines. It contains a small amount of THC that is enough to help trigger hormones and balances them, when necessary.

CBD is not only limited to CBD oils, tinctures, and tablets. Several innovators have decided to create Digital CBD for people who are looking for a zero-THC cannabidiol.


Digital CBD is a one-of-a-kind program that uses vibrations and digital media. It broadcasts an amplified energetic signature of CBD with the use of your mobile device. Makers often refer to this as an amplified digital homoeopathy.

To use this product, you only have to open the Digital CBD file where energies are encrypted. It will slowly transmit energy of CBD oil through your mobile files. You can choose any media files like audio, video clips, and pictures. One of the best things about this product is that it is cheaper compared to other CBD products.

And, unlike other CBD products, you do not have to purchase more of it once it runs out. Upon purchase, you will receive the complete set of the digital media encrypted with CBD oil energy signatures which you can use over and over again. You can even use it whenever and wherever you go.  

How does it work?

The Digital CBD follows the wave-particle duality principle. It allows digital CBD to extract the information and wave-like properties of the physical CBD. The makers encode these wave-like properties into the digital media which is amplified two times more than the physical CBD products. It uses vibration to release the amplified data with the use of electronic devices like laptops, personal computers, iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices

Benefits of Digital CBD in Gaming

Aside from the fact that it is cheaper, it can also promote better body balance. The digital format can help ease your mind and slowly eases your body as well. It helps you control your emotions better, especially when you are playing. It keeps your focus and helps you create the best decisions and moves for your game. With the help of this technology, you can also sleep better and experience a reduction in your anxiety whenever you engage with other players.

Digital CBD is indeed a great product that one should invest on. It does not have the usual high-effect that is brought upon by other drugs. If you wish to avail of this product, you can just visit the nearest marijuana store near you. Better yet, ask a recommendation from people with the best experience and knowledge on CBD oil, Digital CBD, and other CBD products.

2017.Jan.28 - Started working on a game to trade csgo skins with your friends based on skill level. You can compete with them on a ground level and work your way up by completing challenges. I want to be able to request match ups live so users will need to be online to challenge you.

2008.Feb.8 - Hey everyone! It's been awhile huh? Some good news and bad news. Good news is that I will be finishing Blind Love and Foxtaile. Bad news is that after that, this site will remain static and I will focus on my other sites.

I'm aiming to finish Blind Love by the end of March in time for NaNoRenO 2008. Be sure to check back here or at the Lemmasoft forums for the release. Foxtaile will be resumed afterwards and a demo will hopefully be released by the end of May. Also, look forward to upgraded releases to Amgine Park and GSK which will fix any save file or other problem you may have had. Till then, you can catch me at my new blog, rioka's ramblings. I hope to see you there! :)

Blind Love

Synopsis: Blinded by a tragic accident and faced with years of physical therapy, Kyle is finally getting his vision back. The question is, will he like what he sees when he finally opens his eyes?

Expected Release Date: Late March, Early April 2008
Credits: Rio, JestaAriadne (music), made with Ren'Py
Rating: Everyone
Playtime: TBA
Hardware Requirements: TBA
Platform: Windows, Unix, Mac

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