Welcome to Ren'ai Games! Ren'ai is Japanese for "romance" whereas a ren'ai game is a computer game strongly themed around romance such as dating games or interactive romance stories.

What's New?

2017.Jan.28 - Started working on a game to trade csgo skins with your friends based on skill level. You can compete with them on a ground level and work your way up by completing challenges. I want to be able to request match ups live so users will need to be online to challenge you.

2008.Feb.8 - Hey everyone! It's been awhile huh? Some good news and bad news. Good news is that I will be finishing Blind Love and Foxtaile. Bad news is that after that, this site will remain static and I will focus on my other sites.

I'm aiming to finish Blind Love by the end of March in time for NaNoRenO 2008. Be sure to check back here or at the Lemmasoft forums for the release. Foxtaile will be resumed afterwards and a demo will hopefully be released by the end of May. Also, look forward to upgraded releases to Amgine Park and GSK which will fix any save file or other problem you may have had. Till then, you can catch me at my new blog, rioka's ramblings. I hope to see you there! :)

Blind Love

Synopsis: Blinded by a tragic accident and faced with years of physical therapy, Kyle is finally getting his vision back. The question is, will he like what he sees when he finally opens his eyes?

Expected Release Date: Late March, Early April 2008
Credits: Rio, JestaAriadne (music), made with Ren'Py
Rating: Everyone
Playtime: TBA
Hardware Requirements: TBA
Platform: Windows, Unix, Mac

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